• Full Time Training: $300.00 per/ month or $15.00 per training/day. Lessons are included for no extra charge. The rider may schedule as many lessons as they and the trainer feel is necessary for success.
  • Full care board is provided by Northstar Stables for $450.00 per/month. This includes: feeding 2x day with Southern Oregon grass, rice bran, alf pellets, and beet pulp are also included. Stalls cleaned daily. Daily turnout (weather permitting) is included as well as blanketing and un-blanketing, and a timed lighting system above the stalls.
  • Veterinary and Farrier Fees are at the owner’s expense. I will be present for vet and Farrier appointments arranged in advance by Satern Show Horses
  • 10% Commission for buying or selling a horse
  • Lessons (non-training horses) $40.00 


  • Bath $10.00
  • Clip $20.00
  • Show entry and all show fees are at the owner’s expense
  • Show tack rooms will be split evenly by the number of horses at the show
  • Show Day Fee: $25.00 for training horses.
  • Show Day Fee: $35.00 for non-training horses.
  • Trainers hotel/fuel/ expenses are split evenly between clients at the shows
  • Trainer showing (horses in training) no extra fee.
  • Hauling .55 cents per mile per horse.

All prices are subject to change